Anatomical Bitted & Bitless Bridle...

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This multi-bridle can be used as a bitless bridle and with bit.
Anatomical Headpiece is cutback around the base of the ears and wide over the poll for maximum comfort and pressure distribution.  
Bridle headpiece is breathable over the poll and fully padded which helps in overcoming the discomfort.
Noseband is anatomically design to give more clearance in the area of bit ring.
Extremely soft padded lining of the bridle make it exceptionally pressure free.
Browband is fully padded with clear crystal makes the bridle stand out from the crowd.
This bridle is really good for a rider with a highly sensitive horse or one that is difficult to settle. 
Fully adjustable throat lash.
Bridle comes with free antislip or supergrip reins 
Available in black and brown in full and cob size

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 12 cm

Black, Brown


Cob (Medium), Full (Large)


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